WhiteHawk Products and Services to Mitigate your Company's and Suppliers' Cyber Risks

Cyber Risk Program

The WhiteHawk Cyber Risk Program is an outside-in second set of expert eyes monitoring, identifying, prioritizing, validating, and mitigating cyber risks to a company or organization’s revenue and reputation. The program is delivered to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Executive Team, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Board of Directors (BOD). The Cyber Risk Program includes Cyber Risk Continuous Monitoring and Prioritization; Cyber Risk Executive Level Scorecards and Reporting; Cyber Risk Validation by Real-Time Red Team Assessment, and as appropriate, a Dark Net Assessment based upon Cyber Risk Program findings.

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Cyber Risk Radar

The WhiteHawk Cyber Risk Radar provides continuous monitoring, prioritization, and near real-time mitigation of an enterprises' teammates, vendors, or supply chain’s cyber risks over time, including the identification and prioritization of a risk mitigation strategy. Cyber Risk Radar is an annual SaaS subscription consisting of quarterly services including Cyber Risk Scorecards, Cyber Risk Portfolio Reports, and ongoing conversations with a professional Cyber Analyst.

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Cyber Risk Scorecard

The WhiteHawk Cyber Risk Scorecard provides an executive level view of cyber risks for a singular company based on open source data, AI analytics, and custom Cyber Consultant commentary. Three tiers of Cyber Risk Scorecards provide for varying depth and detail, available as singular snapshots or continuous coverage over time. Purchase of a Cyber Risk Scorecard includes virtual access to a Cyber Consultant to talk through the identified risk environment and determine actionable, affordable steps to risk mitigation and cyber risk prevention.

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